Sunday, January 18, 2009


For those of you who have been checking our blog, I finally found an afternoon to update the last, oh, 4 months of my boys lives. So if you see pictures in the next few posts from the beach, Halloween, Christmas, etc. just humor me.

Spencer just celebrated his 3rd birthday on January 3rd. It is hard to believe my little man is that old. It seems just like yesterday we were going back and forth from home to the NICU. At his 3 year check up he weighed 37 lbs.(90th percetile)and was 38 1/2 inches tall (75th percentile). You would never know he was a preemie!! He has changed so much over the last few months. We tackled potty training and I dare to say we are done. His vocabulary is like nothing I have ever heard. I wonder some times where he learns some of the things he says. We have to be extra careful because he is like a sponge! He is doing well at preschool. He has made some great friends. He looks forward to going to school each week. I am amazed at what he has already learned in 2K.

Typical Spencer

After a long day at Alabama Adventure...notice the grape under his chin!

Loving the beach!

This is what is left of a Halloween project with Gramma.

A sweet Spiderman

Meeting his elf Gabe for the first time.

Trent is getting soooo big. He turned 7 months old on the 16th. He is growing like a weed. He weighs 19 or so lbs. and is 26 1/2 inches long. He started rolling over at 3months and has only gotten more active since then. Things kind of slowed down a bit for him during Thanksgiving. Trent was sick for over 2 weeks with RSV virus. He lost over a pound, but quickly gained it back. He started sitting up at 5 1/2 months. He loves to sit and play with a basket full of toys. He will dig and dig until he finds the exact one he wants. He got his first tooth 2 weeks ago and is cutting his second one. He chews on anything he can grab. Just yesterday, we got out the walker for him. He thought it was great to be so mobile. He scooted around the house backwards. It was too funny! He started eating solids at 6 months. He has done really well. He loves all the first veggies and fruits. I'm afraid to blink because he'll be a year before I know it!

Trent 2 days old

Trent 1 month

Trent 2 months

Trent 3 months

Trent 4 months

Trent 5 months

Trent 6 months

Trent 7 months

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Lauren said...

So sweet! I can't believe how big both boys are. Thanks for the update. Keep them coming!