Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spencer's summer fun

This summer has been quite eventful for Spencer. A couple of weeks ago, he and his buddies, Noah and Alyssa, were playing at the Splash Park in Trussville. Spencer was running and fell down several times and was pushed down a few. He shook it off and went on playing. The next morning he woke up and wouldn't put any pressure on his right foot. I took him to the pediatrician and they sent us to St. Vincent's to see an orthopedic doctor for kids. We found out the Spencer broke his toe, the second to last one. They think he broke the bone on top of his foot. They put on a blue cast up to his knee. He has to wear it for three weeks. He gets it off the end of this month. He learned he could still run in it, and it has not slowed him down one bit!!!

Spencer has spent a lot of time at the lake with his Mama & Papa. He and his Daddy have enjoyed riding the Jet-Ski, fishing, and swimming. Spencer talks about the lake all the time. He is ready to get his cast off so he can go swimming again.

Many of you know that Spencer carried around my robe as his security “blanket.” He also took a pacifier. Well, he gave it up at the beginning of August. We went to the lake and “left” it at home. He didn’t cry too much for it, but had a hard time once we got home on Sunday. He had a few rough nights, but for the most part has done quite well. We told him that because he gave the pacifier and robe up, that he could get a prize. He chose to get a Handy Manny backpack and lunchbox. Of course we got exactly that.

He started Mother’s Day Out at Northpark Baptist Church on August 14th. He loves his teachers & has several friends already in his class. He looked so cute going to school carrying his new backpack & lunchbox while hobbling in his bright blue cast.

Hugh and I took the boys to McWane Center this last weekend. Spencer had so much fun! They had an exhibit called "Itty Bitty Magic City" that was specially designed for preschool age children. Spencer operated a crane, shopped for groceries and scanned them himself, changed a tire and the oil on a car, played with a giant Lite-Brite, danced on a huge piano, and flew an airplane. He is already asking to go back. Trent seemed to enjoy himself, too. He slept most of the time. Below are some pictures from our trip.

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